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  • The product name: Modular Motion Driver
  • Product model: MMD-103
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The MMD-103 is a piezo motor driver with a pulse-direction input designed to be used as a standalone 3 axis unit. The MMD-103 is capable of driving 3 piezo motors up to 3mm/s in open loop with a resolution of down to 1nm. The MMD-103 can be driven using differential step and direction inputs. MICRONIX Motion Control Language allows for easy setup through simple ASCII commands.


  • Integrated controller for piezo motor stages
  • Open loop resolution down to 1 nm
  • Closed loop resolution down to 2 nm (dependent on encoder)
  • A quad B differential or sin/cos analog encoder feedback
  • USB 2.0 or RS-485 interface
  • Differential step/direction inputs


Controller/Driver Specifications



Motor type

2-Phase Piezo Motor


USB 2.0 or RS-485 (configuration), 15-pin D-sub (driver signals)


ASCII commands

Power supply

Regulated 48V DC

Speed, max

3 mm/s

Resolution, max

1 nm (open loop), 2 nm (closed loop)

Servo clock frequency

20 kHz

Enclosure dimensions

L198 x W171 x H29 mm


Product Name

Modular Motion Driver 

Product Model


Delivery Term


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