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  • The product name: Controller for Stepper Motor
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Product introduction :


1.Full closed loop four axis, linear interpolation;

Realized the full closed loop for four axis movement, the grating ruler/rotary encoder, make the position adjustment and positioning more accurate, meet the demand for high performance of motion control, also implements the 4-axis linear interpolation.

Can also be investigated at the beginning of the shaft speed, speed, acceleration and position setting, satisfies the requirement of different control environment.

2.Make the 32-bit ARM processor, has realized the operation requirements with high precision motion control;

Digital PID closed-loop control, to ensure that the deceleration control and position control; Stepper motor drive the biggest support to the implementation of 512 segment and 2.2 A current, meet your motor from 20 to 57 motor control, and ensure the steady step precise positioning ability at low speed.

3.TCP/IP communications protocol

No need for driver software, operating system: no restrictions;

It can connect the router to achieve dozens or even hundreds of shaft axis control at the same time.

4.Support offline operation

Just write in PC running processes and it can be downloaded to the controller inside, let the controller run offline, let you in the place where it is inconvenient to use a computer can facilitate the control.

5.4.3 -inch color touch control

Shows the four axes, X, Y, Z, T location parameter, and can touch the control axis, realize the forward, back, back to zero, stop

The use of true color LCD screen with touch screen, ensure the concise style of chassis.

Magnet type display, intuitive practical, beautiful and generous

6.Even people who do not understand software can easily get started using; Automatic conversion Angle and displacement, giving you the most intuitive experience, EXCEL table programming development mode, people who know nothing about software are also free to use software exploitation.

7.General input and output

8 roads general photoelectric coupling input, 8 road photoelectric coupling output, free to connect sensor with various switching value

8.All kinds of software are customized

9. “Green” version. DLL files


Support a variety of operating systems, convenient for all kinds of language secondary exploitation



Product Feature :

1.Online change drives fine fraction (0-512), the output current 0-2.5 A, four axis closed-loop control,differential signal used for feedback;
2.Automatic temperature control open a cooling fan;
3.A 4.3 -inch color touch screen;
4.Black organic glass panel;
5.Stainless steel waterproof car dedicated power switch, blue light;
6.So the communication, faster transmission speed, more stable and farther transmission distance;
7.Automatically assigned IP network routers and communication control up to 100 axis;
8.Support wireless network communication control;
9.8 road general photoelectric coupling input;
10.8 road general photoelectric coupling output;
11.Highest pulse encoder input frequency is 2 M Hz;
12.Support multiple axis linear interpolation, form a complete set of software programming, convenient for  operation; 13.Compact design makes it convenient to carry and install


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Controller for Stepper Motor

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