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  • The product name: Electric Gonio Stage
  • Product model: EASP10-01/EASP10-02
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Technical Parameters

Model EASP05-01 EASP05-02 EASP10-01 EASP10-02
Travel ±5º ±5º ±10º ±10º
Platform size(mm) 50x50 50x50 70x70 70x70
Height of rotation center(mm) ___ ___ 78 50
Main Material Aluminium Alloy
Surface Treatment Black Anodized
Guide Rail  
Maximum Speed/s) 4 4 2 2
Resolution 0.001º 0.001º 0.002º 0.002º
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±20 " ±20 " ±20 " ±20 "
Drive Motor 20 linear stepper motor 28 linear stepper motor
Step Angle 1.8° 1.8° 1.8° 1.8°
Central Loading(kg) 1 1 2 2       




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