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  • The product name: High resolution phase shifter
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Nanometer displacement system has come into more and more extensive use, such as AFM (atomic force microscope), precision optical equipment, semiconductor device, and various high-tech industries. Nanometer displacement system is capable of generating and measuring displacement superior to nanometer (nm) and the entire system consists of three parts, i.e. nanometer displacement platform, controller and control software.

As a mechanical device, nanometer positioning platform is equipped with one or several piezoelectric ceramics internally which generate monaxial or multiaxial motion. The nanometer positioning platform designed and manufactured by Sanying applies flexible hinge which connects the motion unit with the fixed base. The nanometer positioning platform is equipped with a built-in high-precision sensor.    When under closed-loop control, our sensor technology may bring about resolution ratio in nanometers and sub-nanometers when the linearity is guaranteed.

The controller supplies power to the nanometer positioning platform. When under closed-loop control, the controller in the nanometer positioning platform provides displacement data for the controller. Besides, the controller processes the displacement data and corrects the output voltage signals periodically to make sure the displacement data and the instruction data are consistent.


Simple and convenient software  

The nanometer displacement system usually serves as a component for large devices. Therefore, the proper application of nanometer displacement system with other hardware is of great importance. There are multiple modes of communication between Sanying controller and the external environment. The one most commonly used is to control the displacement of the nanometer displacement platform via BNC signals (-10V~10V). It is also acceptable to accomplish the communication with controller by means of USB port and digital IO. The software inside Sanying controller achieves the PID algorithm-based closed-loop control for notching filter and integrates the waveform generator with sine wave, square wave and triangular wave internally. In case of special requirements from customers, Sanying may offer customized software and controller firmware.



Motion axis

θx; θY

Open-loop Resolution ( nm )

 θX=θY230μrad;  Z=25μm;

Unloaded Resonant Frequency ( Hz )


Response frequency Load:3000g ( Hz )


Rigidity ( N/μm )


Maximum Load ( kg )


Drive Voltage ( V )


Connector Type


Minimum bending radius of cable ( mm )


Material of Stage

Aluminium Alloy

Volume ( mm )

Φ158 × 42.3

Hole Size ( mm )

Φ 104

Weight ( kg )




 Product Name

Nano-positioning Stage

Product Model


Delivery Term


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